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Tuesday–Friday, 10:00 a.m.–7:00 p.m.
Saturday, 10:00 a.m.–6:30 p.m.
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Due to the chemicals and equipment that I use for services, unfortunately no children under the age of 15 are allowed in the salon space.

Thank you in this matter.

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At Spa Touch, I believe that nail care and spa treatments should be affordable for my clients. I offer competitive rates for services that range from gel enhancements to caring for natural nails. Make an appointment now and save.

Consultations (15 Minutes) – Free

Natural Nails

  • Express Manicure 22.00
  • Manicure – 28.00
  • Pamper Me! Spa Manicure w/Paraffin – 29.00
  • IBX Treatment Alone – 28.00
  • IBX Series of 10   IBX Treatments – 252.00
  • Gel Polish Application – 39.00
  • Gel Polish Mani Application/ Removal of Old Product  – 63.00(does not include extending the nail)Orginal gel removal is an additional charge
  • Gel Polish Removal – 18.00  Dip/Acrylic Removal 28.00
  • Polish Change - 18.00
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  • Add sa'SHa' revolutionary Callus Softener to any pedicure - 18.00
  • Express Pedi (No Callus Smoothing) – 36.00
  • Pedicure (1 hour)- 51.00  with gel polish65.00
  • Caramel Apple/Cocoa Butter Hot Stone Pedicure (1 1/2 Hours) – 78.00  with gel polish- 90.00
  • Diabetic Waterless Pedicure – 48.00,  w/Paraffin - 58.00, with gel polish- 78.00
  • Prosthetic Toe Nail Reconstruction with LCN Barefoot
    Large Toe – 85.00   Small Toe – 35.00      Consultations are free and client can not have an active case of fungus.   

Individual Pedicure liner for a safe clean pedicure.   sa' SHa' callus softener works in minutes.




  • Full Set of Sculptured Light Elegance Hard Gel Active Active Length – 75.00(Price Includes Color or Glitter Hard Gel
  • Stiletto Full Set- 90.00
  • Re Balance gel– 41.00 (1-3wks)  48.00 (4 wks) or 5 wks or more full set price 75.00
  • Light Elegance Hard Gel Overlay Nails –  50.00 (Includes Color or Glitter Hard Gel/no added length)
  • Structured Manicure (active lenght) - 46.00
  • Genre  Dip  overlay (includes 2 coats of gel polish or regular nails polish. 55.00
  • Repairs – 13.00
  • Nail Art – 2.00–10.00 per Nail(Basic)
  • All 10 fingers of Basic Nail Art – 25.00 (Doesn't include Crystals) and

Hard Gel Enhancements

Hard Gel Enhancements

Doted Nail Art Design

IBX Treatments

IBX Treatments

Toe Nail Reconstruction Candidate

Cracked Nails

Spa Day Special– $95.00

Indulge in the ultimate pampering experience with our limited -time spa day service, meticulously designed to rejuvenate both body and spirit. Originally priced at $125.00, this exclusive offer begins with a credit/debit card deposit of $20, ensuring your reservation and contributing towards the total price. Treat yourself to a set of flawlessly crafted full sculptured builder/hard gel nails, available in your preferred color/glitter finish. Should you desire an extended length or removal of old product other then polish there will an be additional cost. Next  relax with a serene express pedicure with your choice of nail polish. Unlock the gateway to serenity and elegance with my spa day service, and indulge in a one on one tailor experience.

Cancellation Policy

All client appointments will be guaranteed by credit/debit card.  New clients will be charged $10   that will be put towards your total service charge.  If you cancel an appointment 48 hours or more before the appointed time, no charges will be added to your card. If you cancel less than 48 hours, your card will be charged 50% of the appointment amount. Not coming in for your appointment without notice preventing others from scheduling at that time will result in a 75% charge of the service for which you were scheduled. (This does include all Group on customers). If you were a no shown for your appointment you will be charged $10 to get back on my schedule again that will be put towards your total service price. Thank you

Late Arrivals

Arriving late will deprive you of valuable service time. I will do everything to accommodate you, but out of consideration to the next guests, your appointment will end at the scheduled time.

Cell Phone

Please silence and limit(hand services) your phone calls, so we are able to give you the best possible service.

Art can be added Builder/Sculpture Gel

Water Marble Nail Art

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